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[Update] The Pushover Driver is now included as part of the Hubitat Firmware. The Hubitat team included a version of the driver below to simplify the process for setting this up. You do NOT need to add the custom Pushover Driver below. Just be sure your Hubitat hub's firmware is up to date.

While I appreciate the native Hubitat SMS Text Messaging capability, I find the 10 messages per day a bit limiting. My wife really likes to get a notification whenever the washer or dryer finishes a cycle, and on a busy day, that can mean quite a few messages. I also use notifications to let us know if a door has been left open for too long.

So, based on a tip from @Jonovan.Boutte , I discovered Pushover. I grabbed the ST DTH and cleaned it up a bit for use as a Hubitat Driver. I also simplified it for my needs. One significant addition I made to this version was to add the 'Speech Systhesis' Capability. This allows Rule Machine to 'Speak' a notification via this Pushover Driver. Credit for this idea goes to @mattw! (Note: If you use the 'Speech Synthesis' Capability of this driver, you will still simply get a push notification on your phone/tablet. This driver has nothing to do with Text To Speech (TTS).)

[UPDATE] Rule Machine now has the option to 'Send notification to device(s)?' This is probably the best way to send a request to your Pushover Device(s).

To use this, you'll need a Pushover Account ( 53Red Waterproof Grey 3pcs Nylon Women Mother Set Domybest Key Backpacks Clutch Wristlets XSwvq7XnP) and Mobile App installed on your phones/tablets. You use the same account to sign into the mobile app on all devices. At 53, you'll need to 'Create an Application/API Token' which is used to configure the Hubitat Pushover Device's Preferences.

From your account at 53

And here is the Pushover Device configuration screen where you will paste in your tokens from your Pushover account.

[Update] I have added an updated screenshot showing all of the new user preferences added by @stephack. Stephan has made some great additions to this driver, exposing many of the Pushover API's options. You can create multiple Pushover devices on your Hubitat hub, each using the same Keys, but with unique options. For example, you could create a Pushover Device for each of your family members' phones, thereby allowing you to select which user(s) get each message.

And finally, here is the Pushover Driver for Hubitat [UPDATE - Driver is now included in the Hubitat firmware. No need to add this to your custom drivers any longer.]

Again, just wanted to thank @stephack, @mattw and @Jonovan.Boutte for their ideas and ingenuity!

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Great addition and takes 5 minutes to set up.
FYI…you can also use the “Send notification to device” as well. Both speak and notify worked in my tests.

Where this does not work however is in Hubitat Safety Monitor. I get the following errors from that app

I hope that Pushover gives you a cut because I am so impressed with the speed of this app (and the fact that notification can be grouped so they don’t take up my notification shade) I just bought it for $5. Not many apps convince me to spend 5 or more…thankfully I got a surplus banked in the Android Play Store because of Google Opinion Surveys.

I made a few edits to Handle Tote Satchel Women's Top Handbags Shoulder Large Bennigiry Purse Abstract Bags Art nIvtXq’s FANTASTIC pushover driver that work for me and save me time. He has updated his github repo with these changes and asked that I give a brief explanation of the additions.

  1. You can now set the default priority of your Pushover Notification in the preferences of the driver. With the Pushover app you can set up different notification sounds and visuals based on the priority of the message. You can create a separate virtual device for each priority level and route notifications accordingly…
  2. If you are like me and don’t want to dig through a stack of virtual devices…you can now also add a prefix to the message you send that would override the default priority to one of your choosing.

[L] - Low
[N] - Normal
[H] - High

E.g… Message “[H]This is a test” will send “This is a test” with High Priority to your mobile app.

I use high for Intrusion/leak alerts and normal for my Arrival/Mode change notifications. Low can be used for any informational alerts that you like to keep track of but don’t want to alert you on the phone. See pushover FAQ’s for greater details on how you can benefit from using priorities.

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A couple more updates were added last night:

  1. You can now choose the notification sound in the driver. If nothing is selected, it will use the default sound chosen in the Pushover app.

  2. Supplementary URL’s (with custom titles)
    This adds a link at the end of your message and can be any url. For example, I may add a link to my Hubitat’s device list page for quick access. I also plan to test android intent urls that can open apps. I will update this post if I get it working.

See Pushover Url details below

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Evidently, when you “update” driver code, it’s important to re-save driver preferences in device settings. Once I did that for my pushover devices everything started working again.

Thanks for the quick replies

Another quick update now with a driver version to keep track (although I think there won’t be many more updates).

New in version v1.0.20180324:

  • Validates key before allowing further configuration (must hit Save after entering keys)

  • Autopopulates device list (multiple device selections don’t appear to be supported in drivers)*

  • Cleaned up logs (does not display tokens any longer)

  • Fixed error created by changes in previous update with customPriority

  • Added version info (as state variable)

  • If there is a need by anyone for multiple devices, let me know. I can add another input where multiple devices can be listed (manually entered and separated by commas). I don’t plan to do this unless it is critical for someone else.

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Does a Pushover account allow unlimited text messages, or does it require the app?
If not, anyone have an idea how unlimited text messages might be accomplished? I know IFTTT allows it, but…

A) They are slow
B) There’s no IFTTT integration with Hubitat

Wondering if I can somehow use Google Voice to accomplish it. I’m not too keen on that one though. I pay extra to unlimited text messages from US numbers without charge, but my wife and daughter would get a charge for every US based number that texts them.

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